Carleton School

Carleton School Carleton School was a boarding school located in Medford, then Bradford Massachusetts. It was first founded by Isaac N. Carleton in 1866. The school offered instruction during the years 1866-1869 and 1884-1901. The Bradford facilities still exist, operating as apartments.

There are three notable periods that defined Carleton School. It was originally a girls school, later becoming a boys school. It was to become a military school in its final years. During Carletons life, his schools were generally organized as preparatory boarding schools. He was a graduate of Andover and Dartmouth. The school circulars frequently referred to national and state politicians, as well as other educators at Andover, Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale.

In 1868, the school was located in Medford Massachusetts. It was called I.N. Carleton's Home and Day School for Young Ladies. His wife, Laura Tenney was co-principal and taught physiology. In 1869, Carleton set aside running a private school and went to the New Britain State Normal School in New Britain, Connecticut as the fifth Principal. He served there until 1881.

In 1884, Carleton re-started his boarding school in Bradford Massachusetts. It was referred to as I.N. Carleton's Home and Day School for Boys. This time period was the longest and most defining period in its operation as a preparatory school. By 1896, it was simply called Carleton School. The last period of the school's existence was possibly the most dramatic change. It was to be renamed the Carleton Military School, probably in 1901. Carleton was still to hold the position of principal, but a Major E.H. Baker was to be superintendent, having previously been a military instructor at Harvard University summer school.

It's possible that the change of school mission was intended to keep the school running in Carleton's later years, or was to be some kind of lasting legacy. Perhaps it reflected a change in the educational environment of the time. The reasons appear to have been lost to the passage of time. Carleton died 8 August 1902, two months after the expected end of the 1901-1902 school year. The articles published after his death don't mention the military school, so it's not clear if it started instruction. If military instruction did begin, it seems to have faded. The location of the school continued to be used as a boarding house, going by the name Carleton House for Boys and Young Men as late as 1925. The school buildings are presently well kept, located at the corner of Chadwick and South Main Street in Haverhill. They are being used as apartments. The main house was originally built in 1850 and moved to the present location in 1883.

Isaac N. Carleton (10 June 1832 - 8 August 1902) was an educator his entire professional life. In addition to Carleton School, He taught at Andover, was an associate principal at a Lexington Massachusetts young ladies seminary, principal at Peabody High School and was the principal of State Normal School in New Britain, Connecticut. He was also the President of the American Institute of Instruction for two years.

The purpose of this site is to memorialize the school and it's founder. It is also intended to provide information about its operation as a school house. There is a collection of documents about the school and its founder. There is also a gallery of pictures of the facilities, taken in 2008. Please contact Bruce Carleton if you have any comments or questions. More will be added as time permits.